Testimonial from parent who attended middle school and high school presentation:

I attended the Healthy Relationships presentation at Golden High School in November 2014. I am a parent of 4 teenagers ages 13, 16, 16 and 19. Cheryl was quick to get the students’ attention and held their attention throughout the entire presentation. If nothing else, she brought the seriousness of the situation to the front of their minds.

Cheryl also presented at Bell Middle School and I was really concerned the presentation was going to be too sophisticated for kids that age. Cheryl did an amazing job of bringing the same information down to the level that they could understand and it was appropriate information to share with the age group. I think it is imperative that every child in high school and middle school hears Cheryl’s Healthy Relationships presentation.

Testimonial from offense specific client:

I am now a seventeen-year-old female, but I began treatment at fourteen years old. From the very beginning, it was clear that Cheryl was an expert in her field, and she continued to prove this fact throughout the process. Though sometimes difficult, the treatment provided by Cheryl was exactly what my family and I needed. She was supportive, encouraging, and helped me to take responsibility for my actions. Yet when necessary, Cheryl pushed me to make the changes essential in healing the damaged relationships in my life. Our family is now happier and healthier as a result.

Thank you for everything you did for me. I would not be where I am today without you as a therapist. Thank you!

Testimonial from parent of an offense specific client:

Parenting is one of the most challenging professions known to man. Our children will bring us the greatest joy, but with that also the greatest of disappointments.There is no greater disappointment than facing the realization that your child offended on your other child. That your own flesh and blood willfully broke laws that impact and hurt others is absolutely devastating, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Cheryl, however, took the broken pieces and helped our family to once again become whole. She gave us room to air our anger, sadness, and disappointment with our child. Her encouragement, professionalism, and joy helped our child and our family gain the tools that we needed to move on in a much more healthy way. Our child is now able to verbalize feelings and actively walk away from dangerous situations. This is something our child was never able to do before.

If you’re just beginning this journey with your child, just know that with Cheryl you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. “Believe in healing, stay strong as a family, and hold on to hope.”

Additional Parent and participant testimonials:

Very accessible for the kids to relate to but also commanding of authority.
-parent male participant


Thank you so much. I found my strength, beauty, voice, and power. You helped me find it. Thank you, I am more than grateful.
-female participant


I loved how real you were with the girls. Appreciated your open communication and being honest with the girls.
-parent female participant


I learned so many valuable lessons that I can use on a daily basis.
-male participant


We are so thankful that you take time out of your life to teach these children. It is amazing in the little amount of time you spend with kids, how much you teach them. I am glad you are saving these kids one by one. This is an excellent program, helping and saving kids. Thank you!
-parent male participant

I wish I could have taken a class like this when I was 14. I wish you could teach all girls! Great class!
-parent female participant


Thank you so much for showing me a new respect for myself. Thank you for taking the time to help me.
-female participant